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  • UK Committee on Research Integrity strategic plan

    The UK Committee on Research Integrity is a new addition to the research system and has responsibility for promoting research integrity across the UK. Vibrant, innovative research requires high integrity, and the committee was established to... More
    Opened 23 November 2022
  • Innovation Hubs for Gene Therapies: Survey of academic gene therapy viral vector needs

    About the Innovation Hubs for Gene Therapies The Innovation Hubs for Gene Therapies are helping academic researchers across the UK to take their gene therapy research into clinical trials, by providing access to high-quality viral vectors and essential translational support... More
    Opened 18 August 2022
  • MRC Survey on Public Involvement in Research

    The Medical Research Council (MRC) values the role of patients and the public in research and we have commissioned a public involvement review to inform the development of our new strategy. Please tell us what is important to you by taking part in this survey,... More
    Opened 6 May 2022
  • Inclusion of both sexes in research design - Call for input

    MRC is committed to funding the best quality medical research, which is relevant to and benefits the whole of society. MRC will soon expect the sex of animals, tissues, and cells to be clearly specified and explained as part of the experimental design of grant applications. ... More
    Opened 3 March 2022
  • New Deal for Postgraduate Research - Call for input

    The New Deal for Postgraduate Research (“the New Deal”) is a long-term piece of work that aims to improve the experience and quality of postgraduate research training in the UK. In this engagement exercise, we are focusing primarily on doctoral training (for example, working towards a... More
    Opened 23 February 2022
  • Digital Tools Survey

    Future Workspace are planning to enable UKRI to continue to operate in a hybrid way. Hybrid working means most of us will work part of the time from UKRI locations and part of the time remotely, although the degree to which we can do this will vary depending on our different roles and... More
    Opened 18 February 2022
  • Consultation on the draft UKRI Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

    Fostering inclusion is essential for a high-performing research and innovation system. A diversity of people and ideas produces a thriving research and innovation system. To support our vision for an outstanding research and innovation system, we have developed our draft equality,... More
    Opened 13 January 2022
  • UKRI Survey on Impact in Research Applications

    We are now reviewing our systems to better understand the effectiveness of our current approaches in supporting impact across UKRI and through the investments we fund. Our intention is not to reintroduce the ‘Pathways to Impact’ form. It is to ensure that, within our... More
    Opened 10 January 2022
  • Survey of R&D Businesses and the UK Immigration System

    Thank you for agreeing to take part in the Survey of R&D Businesses and the UK Immigration System, led by the Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy and UK Research and Innovation. This consultation consists of three phases and aims to identify where the immigration and visa... More
    Opened 2 December 2021
  • An opportunity to shape the AHRC’s policy on software and data

    Collecting, storing and reusing data are essential practices for researchers across all disciplines. It is key that the funders of research have policies and practices on data and the software used to extract, manipulate, and store it, that are fit for purpose now and in the future. The Arts and... More
    Opened 22 October 2021
  • Global Talent Visa 2021

    The Global Talent visa is an immigration route provided by the UK Government to provide a fast and efficient visa offer to those working in science and research. Under the scheme, UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) can recognise other funding organisations as an ‘endorsed funder’. ... More
    Opened 27 September 2021
  • The External Advisory Board

    The Global Talent visa (GTV) is a UK immigration category for talented and promising people in specific sectors such as sciences, the humanities, engineering, the arts, and technology, wishing to work in the UK. The Global Talent visa replaced the Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) visa category in... More
    Opened 2 June 2021
  • NERC Data capability and Services

    NERC is currently considering the Data Capability and Services that are provided via the NERC Environmental Data Service (EDS) and the associated data centres (British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC), Centre for Environmental Data Analysis (CEDA), Environmental Information Data Centre (EIDC),... More
    Opened 7 May 2021
  • COVID-19 projects in your area

    Since the start of the pandemic we have invested over £554 million pounds in over 3,600 new research and innovation projects, building on decades of previous investment. Projects on your doorstep are making an impact, both closer to home and on the national and global... More
    Opened 19 March 2021
  • Future Leaders Fellowships

    UKRI’s Future Leaders Fellowships will grow the strong supply of talented individuals needed to ensure a vibrant environment for research and innovation in the UK. The scheme is open to researchers and innovators from across business, universities, and other organisations. We welcome... More
    Opened 8 October 2020
  • Global Talent Visa

    The Global Talent Visa is an immigration route provided by the UK Government to provide a fast and efficient visa offer to those working in science and research. Under the scheme, UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) can recognise other funders as an ‘Endorsed Funder’. Any researcher or... More
    Opened 1 October 2020
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