Shaping the Future of UK large-scale compute

Closed 12 Apr 2024

Opened 13 Feb 2024

Results updated 9 Jul 2024

The Future of UK Large Scale Compute (LSC) survey constitutes a key component of UKRI's multifaceted stakeholder engagement strategy for the creation of a UK Large Scale Compute Strategy. With 247 individual responses, this survey seeks to complement other initiatives such as town halls, workshops, and external consultancies, and should not be considered a replacement of those spaces but instead add to the discussion. The survey instrument itself was designed to gather broad input from diverse research and innovation communities.  The survey framework incorporated provisions for deeper engagement with interested participants through follow-up mechanisms. This combined approach aims to capture crucial insights on user needs, challenges, and current use cases for high-performance computing systems, while at the same time allowing for continued engagement efforts with the community.  By incorporating this wealth of data garnered from various engagement methods, UKRI is positioned to develop a compute roadmap that effectively addresses the evolving requirements of the research and innovation landscape.



The UK is gearing up for an exascale-era computing revolution. UKRI is working closely with DSIT to deliver the recommendations of the Future of Compute review and is continuing to develop our Digital Research Infrastructure (DRI) programme. As part of these activities, we are looking to further improve large-scale compute capacities to supercharge research and innovation across the country. But we need your help! 

We are launching a survey to capture the needs and priorities of potential users like you. Your insights will guide the design and capabilities of this world-class large-scale compute resource, ensuring it meets the diverse demands of UK research and industry. 

Who should complete this survey? 

  • Researchers from any field – from astrophysics to medicine, engineering to social sciences. 

  • Industry professionals in any sector – from pharmaceuticals to manufacturing, finance to creative industries. 

  • Both current and potential users of large-scale compute, including those without experience using these tools. 

The survey is short, clear, and only takes 10 minutes of your time. It covers: 

  • Your current research or industry needs: Tell us what kind of computational challenges you face. 

  • Desired applications and capabilities: Share the software, tools, and functionalities you most need. 

  • Accessibility and support: How can we make the large-scale compute system easy and efficient for everyone to use? 

  • Community priorities: Let us know what matters most to you in the UK large-scale compute landscape. 

Why your views matter

  • Shape the future of UK large-scale compute: Your input will help guide development of this vital national resource. 

  • Boost your research or business: Gain access to unparalleled computing power for your projects. 

  • Stay informed: Be among the first to know about the latest compute developments in the UK and have the opportunity to contribute further through a user forum. 


  • Research Community
  • Innovation Community
  • Third Sector
  • Government
  • Parliament
  • ECR forum
  • RCPS Members
  • Public, Schools
  • Industry
  • All Staff


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