Review of SAS Funding – Survey for REAG members

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Closes 19 Jun 2023


You have been invited to complete this survey to provide information that will facilitate the review of Research England’s funding for the School of Advanced Study (SAS) that is being undertaken by REAG . The survey will close at 5pm on Monday 12 June 2023.

As you know, REAG will meet for a workshop on 20 July to identify the main issues for the review. Before that event we are collecting feedback on the performance of SAS since the previous review, from a range of stakeholders. It would be very helpful to include the thoughts of individual REAG members in this exercise. This request comes in the form of a series of questions to which you can give free text answers. It is the same format as that used for external partners and SAS Institute Chairs. 


In completing this survey, you agree for Research England to provide your submission to the SAS Research England Advisory Group that will be undertaking the funding review. We intend to include a list of the organisations that have provided feedback as part of the documentation detailing the review’s outcomes, but will not attribute specific views to particular organisations. We will not reference or name individuals providing feedback in review documentation.

If you have any questions please contact us at

1. What is your name?
2. Over the period since the REAG was established, the School’s strategy has been strongly influenced by the 2018 report and its recommendations. Amongst the changes stimulated by the report are the following. In your view, how successful has the School been in making progress on these? Please write as much or as little as you need for each sub-question, up to a maximum of 250 words for each.
3. What do you see as the School’s greatest achievements since 2018? (250 words)
4. In your view what should be the priority areas for further development? (250 words)
5. Are there any other aspects of the operation of the School on which you would like to offer comments? (250 words)