Board and Panel Member Survey - Associates training and mentorship

Closed 8 May 2024

Opened 21 Apr 2024


As part of the objectives in the MRC strategic delivery plan, MRC have launched a new board and panel associates’ scheme which aims to nurture diverse talent and support the development and retention of researchers needed for the future workforce.

The scheme will run over two years, with two phases; the first phase will be an introduction for the associates and an opportunity to attend meetings. In the second phase associates will take a more active role in contributing to the assessment of applications to the relevant board or panel. We anticipate the associates will begin to attend their first board or panel meetings from Spring 2024.

We are now surveying all members to gather your input on both phases of the scheme, particularly in the development of a mentoring program.

The data will be used to inform further development of the scheme as well as your capacity to undertake training and/or mentorship activities.  


  • Research Community


  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion