FEIF Event planning March 23

Closes 19 Apr 2024

Opened 21 Mar 2024

Results expected 19 Apr 2024


Innovate UK are considering running an event in the autumn of 2024 for FEIF Innovation Centres project holders to network, share learnings and look to the future. Planning is in the early stages (partners and other stakeholders may be brought in) but we are keen to develop something that will be valuable to you. 


Why your views matter

In order to design an event that will be as valuable as possible to FEIF Innovation Centres project teams we need your input. While a lot can change in 6 months we will use your responses as a basis for the event, prioritising areas where there is a high level of interest and putting aside any of our ideas that do not have your support. Additional topics may be included as the need arises. 

Give us your views


  • Public, Schools


  • Research and Innovation Sector Engagement