Global Talent visa - Nominate a host organisation 2024

Closes 20 Dec 2024

Opened 13 Feb 2024


The Global Talent visa is an immigration route provided by the UK Government to give a fast and efficient visa offer to those working in science and research. UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) is an endorsing body for the Global Talent visa. As an endorsing body, UKRI maintains a list of UK research organisations that are able to host researchers through the endorsed funder route. 

We are looking for nominations of additional research organisations in the UK. You can see the current list of host organisations here.

Please note that this nomination is the first step in the process to becoming an approved host organisation and does not confer any obligation on the part of UKRI to take a nomination forward.

To become an approved host organisation, nominees will be required to complete a due diligence process. This will include questions regarding the legal status of the organisation, the organisation's funding sources and its capacity to undertake research in the UK. 

Nominations to become a host organisation will be reviewed quarterly. UKRI will be in touch with all nominees regarding next steps.

Why your views matter

UKRI is seeking input on additional research organisations that we should recognise as approved hosts under the Global Talent visa.

We are looking to increase the number of host organisations to open up more opportunities for talented people to pursue their career ambitions within the UK’s research & innovation system.  

Anyone is able to submit a nomination.

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