Smart Data Research UK Strategy engagement

Closed 10 Oct 2023

Opened 3 Aug 2023


This is a strategy engagement exercise from Smart Data Research UK (formerly Digital Footprints).

  • Please read the accompanying document: Strategy Engagement Exercise (can be viewed or downloaded below)
  • Then respond to our guiding questions via the survey in the link below. 


Smart Data Research UK is a new UKRI investment in digital research infrastructure. It will deliver a step change in the use of new forms of data generated through everyday interactions with digital devices – including mobile apps, digital marketplaces, social media, wearables, satnavs, sensors, and smart technology.

Such data, sometimes referred to as ‘digital footprints data’, can provide new insights about major social challenges such as energy security, the cost of living, climate change, emergency response, health, wellbeing and social mobility.

Smart Data Research UK has been shaped by researchers, data experts, industry leaders and policymakers. We want your input into our strategy, and we invite your responses to the guiding questions articulated in our Strategy Engagement Exercise document.  

Your feedback, challenge, and ideas will help us build a better programme, securing the benefits of smart data for society in the most responsible and sustainable way.

Thank you.


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