Place Based Impact Acceleration Account - Round 2 Intent to Submit

Closed 15 Feb 2024

Opened 27 Oct 2023


Place Based Impact Acceleration Account - Round 2 Intent to Submit

Applicants who intend to submit an application to round 2 of the Place Based Impact Acceleration Account (PBIAA) funding opportunity should complete the following Intent to Submit by 15 February 2024.

Information provided as part of the intention to submit will not be formally assessed. We will use this information to help plan the proposal assessment, for example to understand expected submission levels and the spread of applications across EPSRC’s remit.

What is a Place Based Impact Acceleration Account?

The role of universities and research institutions in driving innovative clusters of economic activity is well-established. Place Based Impact Acceleration Accounts (PBIAAs) are key to the delivery of EPSRC’s Place strategy, which aims to strengthen existing partnerships and clusters, and develop new co-created opportunities in engineering and physical sciences and beyond, built on national and local insights.

PBIAAs provide up to 4 years of consortia funding to support a programme of impact activities within an emerging or established research and innovation cluster. EPSRC are not defining clusters or indicating which clusters we want the community to target. Instead, we expect applicants to define their cluster, its maturity, absorptive capacity and how the PBIAA will support cluster growth.

Proposals must:

  • be co-created with civic actors
  • be aligned with civic ambitions
  • engage business and local stakeholders
  • involve at least two universities
  • include a flexible consortium fund
  • include a collaboration fund to draw from the full breadth of UK R&D activity

There are two funding streams:  

  • Stream 1 (for emerging / nascent clusters): ~2-4 awards with max £2.5M per award, over 4 years 
  • Stream 2 (for established / mature clusters): ~2-3 awards with max £5M per award, over 4 years


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