Ecology and evolution of infectious diseases Collaboration Workshop

Closed 31 Jan 2024

Opened 5 Jan 2024


By bringing together experts representing life sciences, mathematics and social science, this event will result in the development of multi-disciplinary connections that can aid in developing future funding bids focussing on prediction, prevention, and response to emerging diseases. This may include: 

  • generation of principles and conceptual frameworks that organise and inform the research leading to mathematical, computational and statistical models of infectious disease dynamics 

  • generation of rigorously characterised and tested models that are of value to the scientific community and wider decision making 

  • deepening of our understanding of complex infectious disease systems, including these drivers of transmission that may include; biological  (human, animals and plants), environmental and/or social 

  • elucidation of general ecological and evolutionary principles with applications across multiple pathogens 

  • better understanding of how infectious agents, emerge as pathogens, adapt to hosts, interact with other microbial communities (such as microbiomes) and are transmitted between hosts 


  • Research Community


  • Research and Innovation Sector Engagement