Register monographs, book chapters and edited collections for UKRI open access funding (Stage 1)

Closes 28 Nov 2030

Opened 28 Nov 2023


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The Stage 1 form was updated on Friday 26th April 2024. Updates were carried out to the 'publication' page(s), and the updates have been recorded in the change log (see drop-down below). 

The updates have been supported with refreshed guidance documents, available on our website. 

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This is the Stage 1 form for UKRI's open access fund for long-form publications. UK-based research organisations can use this form to register eligible monographs, book chapters and edited collections, where there is an intention to claim open access funding. 

This fund has a two-stage application process. At Stage 1, UKRI will consider your application and provide confirmation if the publication(s) registered will be eligible for funding, subject to meeting eligibility requirements on publication. 

Funds are not allocated for publications at Stage 1. Funding is only guaranteed following successful submission of a Stage 2 application for reimbursement. Stage 2 applications opened January 2024 - please refer to open access funding for further details. 

What publications are eligible?

The publication must be a monograph, book chapter or edited collection within scope of UKRI’s open access policy

Funding is only available where the final Version of Record will be made immediately open access on publication, with a Creative Commons licence. Please refer to the UKRI open access policy for more information about all of the policy compliant publication routes.

Funding will only be provided where publication occurs within 7 years of the formal end date of the associated UKRI research funding, unless extenuating circumstances apply. Please see our website for further information. 

Open access costs for research articles are not supported by this fund. UKRI supports research article costs via block grants to research organisations.

For further information about the publications that are in scope of the policy refer to Annex 1 of the UKRI open access policy or speak to your research organisation for guidance.

Who can apply? 

Applications are only accepted from staff responsible for open access funding in UK-based research organisations.

Authors should not complete this form. You should speak to the team responsible for open access funding at your research organisation, who will register eligible publications on your behalf. This will typically be your library or research office, but institutional arrangements may vary.

Authors not currently based at a UK research organisation should contact for information on how to apply.

The research organisation making this submission does not need to be the organisation where the research funding being acknowledged was originally held. Instead, the submission should be made by the research organisation that is author's current employer and/or the research organisation supporting the author(s) to publish their output. 

When will I receive a response from UKRI? 

UKRI will aim to provide confirmation within 10 working days, subject to application volumes. 


If you have any questions about completing this form or the eligibility of an output for support through UKRI's ring-fenced fund, then please email

Common questions about Stage 1

Why are there two stages to the application process?

Our two-stage registration and application process is designed to support research organisations, who wanted an indication of a publication's eligibility for support through the ring-fenced fund prior to entering into a contract with a publisher. Stage 1 is designed to provide that indication to organisations at an early stage in the publication lifecycle. Stage 2 allows organisations to apply to UKRI for funding, once the output has been published.

Do submissions need to be made at both stages to receive funding? 

Yes, you must complete a Stage 1 registration form and a Stage 2 application for funds for each publication. You should ensure that you receive confirmation of eligibility from UKRI before you submit a Stage 2 application for funds.

Our two-stage registration and application process is designed to support research organisations who wanted an indication of a publication's eligibility for support through the ring-fenced fund prior to entering into a contract with a publisher.

Is there a minimum or maximum time limit to submit the Stage 2 application following Stage 1 confirmation from UKRI? 

No. However, publication must occur within seven years of the formal end of the UKRI funding which the output is acknowledging. Please see our website for further information. 

How many publications can we register at once? 

You can include up to ten publications in each Stage 1 submission and make as many submissions as needed.

Each submission can include a combination of monographs, book chapters and edited collections.

An author is writing a book series. Can we make a single submission for the whole series? 

No, individual volumes will need to be registered as separate publications. However, all volumes can be registered in one application as separate publications. 

Do I have to complete the form in one go?

No, you can use the 'save and return' feature to save a partially completed form and return to it at a later date. You should ensure that you have cookies enabled on your browser and that you do not clear your cache. 

What happens when I submit the form? 

Please disregard the text on the 'almost done' page, which mentions entering an email address to receive a pdf copy of your submission. This unfortunately cannot be changed.

Once you submit the form, you will be emailed a submission confirmation from, a copy of your unique reference number and a link where you can download a pdf copy of your submission. Please make a note of this reference; you will need this if contacting UKRI about your application and when submitting a Stage 2 application.

You do not have to download the pdf version of your submission, but we strongly recommend that you do this so that you have a full record of the information included your submission.

UKRI will then consider your application and will confirm by email to the address you provided in the application form whether the publication(s) can be funded, subject to meeting eligibility requirements on publication.

If additional information is required, UKRI will email you using the address provided in the application form. 

Data Sharing

How will UKRI use the information that I submit?

UKRI will use the information you submit at Stage 1 to provide a response to you on the eligibility of each publication submitted. UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) handles all personal data in accordance with current UK data protection legislation and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) where appropriate. To meet UKRI’s obligations for public accountability and the dissemination of information, details of funded submissions may be made available on the UKRI website. As a condition of funding, UKRI may use the data to publish information on awards made. We may also share information with third parties (including Jisc) to support, for example, open access publication and reporting outcomes via Researchfish.

UKRI is also subject to the UK Freedom of Information Act (2000) and the Environmental Information Regulations (2004) and may be required to release submission information on request, subject to appropriate exemptions.

Further information about how UKRI uses submitted information is provided by the UKRI Use of grant proposal information addendum and via the UKRI Privacy Notice

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