The use of deadlines for applications

Closed 1 May 2024

Opened 15 Apr 2024


The Simpler and Better Funding programme is reviewing UKRI’s approach and process for responsive mode funding across the organisation. The ambition is to increase consistency in how UKRI approaches applicant-led opportunities in the responsive mode. One area is specifically looking at the use of deadlines for applications and their implications.

Deadlines are where UKRI publishes external deadlines at various points throughout the year creating formal closing dates. No deadlines means we do not have external closing dates, but regular decision points and internal batching in UKRI throughout the year to manage workflows.

Why your views matter

We would welcome your thoughts in this area, how the different approaches affect our research organisations, and what the effects on the applicant may be.

A short survey of just six questions has been developed for Research Organisations to answer. This can be a collective response across organisations, or from individuals working in the research offices.


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