DL & UK ATC 2023 Annual Apprentice Award Nominations

Closed 29 Sep 2023

Opened 15 Sep 2023

Results expected 2 Oct 2023

Feedback expected 9 Nov 2023


At STFC, we are keen to recognise and celebrate the achievements of our Apprentices working across the breadth of operations at Daresbury Laboratory and UK ATC. 

We are therefore seeking nominations for the following categories: 

  1. Apprentice of the Year 2023
  2. Outreach Award
  3. Recognition Award
  4. Impact Award


Why your views matter

We are keen to receive nominations from those around the organisation who work closely with Apprentices and see the positive contibution that they make to STFC. Apprentices themselves will have the opportunity to vote for a Peer Support Award and will receive a seperate link to do so. 


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