Digital Tools Survey

Closed 11 Mar 2022

Opened 18 Feb 2022


Future Workspace are planning to enable UKRI to continue to operate in a hybrid way.

Hybrid working means most of us will work part of the time from UKRI locations and part of the time remotely, although the degree to which we can do this will vary depending on our different roles and activities. 

As part of that we are looking to ascertain if colleagues have the tools they need to work effectively, to see if they know how to use the tools effectively and whether training or guidance is needed.

Please use the link below for information on collaboration tools.  

Collaboration tools (

Please note that we have extended the deadline for responses to 11 March.

Why your views matter

We will analyse which tools people need further training and guidance in using and work out how best to deliver that learning.

We will review and consider how to provide existing tools to those that do not currently have access to them (subject to licence numbers in some cases).

We will review requirements for new tools and if there is a business case put forward recommendations for purchase.


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