NERC Data capability and Services

Closed 14 Jun 2021

Opened 7 May 2021

Results expected 16 Jul 2021

Feedback expected 1 Jun 2023


NERC is currently considering the Data Capability and Services that are provided via the NERC Environmental Data Service (EDS) and the associated data centres (British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC), Centre for Environmental Data Analysis (CEDA), Environmental Information Data Centre (EIDC), National Geosciences Data Centre (NGDC) and the Polar Data Centre (PDC)).   

We are keen to engage users of the EDS and the associated data centres to understand i) how the capability and services they provide are being used and ii) what future requirements for data services or capability are needed to facilitate and/or support the user community.

If you do not use the EDS or associated data centres but are interested in using environmental data please visit the EDS pages on the NERC website or contact

Why your views matter

Information gathered through this survey will be collated and used to inform an assessment of strategic needs and further scoping around future data capability and services provided by the NERC.   Outcomes of the assessment and further scoping will inform the scope of the recommissioning of the EDS in 2023.

The survey will take approximately 30 minutes however you can save your response and come back to it if necessary. 


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