NERC Science Committee recruitment EDI data collection survey 2024

Closed 7 Jun 2024

Opened 16 Apr 2024


Thank you for completing this short survey.  The data is being collected to enable us to monitor the diversity of applicants to key NERC governance bodies. We need your help and co-operation to enable us to do this, however filling in this form is voluntary.  All information will be held confidentially and treated as strictly confidential. Analysis of the aggregated information will be used for statistical purposes and reporting and a summary of the information will be published on the NERC website.

Please refer to the UKRI Privacy Notice:

At UKRI, we believe that everyone has a right to be treated with dignity and respect, and to be provided with opportunities to flourish and succeed in a supportive environment. We also value diversity of thought and experience within inclusive groups, organisations and the wider community.

To maintain the UK’s world-leading position in this field, we want to become even better at attracting and nurturing people from the widest possible pool, and enabling them to fulfil their career ambitions. We believe we can inspire, engage with and learn from all our people to maximise the benefits that diversity of thought and experience can provide.

The following 7 questions (Age, Disability, Ethnicity, Religion or belief, Sex and Gender, and Sexual orientation) will enable us to build an accurate picture of the make-up of our applicants.




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  • ECR forum
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