LMB Seminar for Non-Scientists

Closed 5 Apr 2024

Opened 18 Mar 2024


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  • LMB Seminar for Non-Scientists

    From 22 Apr 2024 at 12:30 to 22 Apr 2024 at 13:30

    Marta Shahbazi, Group Leader in the Cell Biology Division will be giving our next Non-Scientific Seminar. Her talk is titled 'Embryology 2.0: the beginnings of life in a dish'.
    Human reproduction is very inefficient. It is estimated that only 30% of all conceptions make it to a live birth. However, the reasons behind early pregnancy loss remain very poorly understood. I will discuss novel methodologies that allow us to study human embryos in the laboratory and recreate human embryogenesis using stem cells. These techniques promise to shed light on the first stages of our development and tackle the issue of pregnancy loss.


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