Defra Farming Innovation Programme project midpoint survey - Lead

Closes 31 Mar 2029

Opened 1 Sep 2023


Defra and the UKRI Transforming Food Production (TFP) team have developed a defined set of indicators covering the economic, societal and environmental ways your project will impact the agricultural sector. We will measure the impact that your project will have in driving towards the overall objectives of the Farming Innovation Programme and provide evidence on the positive impact of your project.


As with your baseline survey, these figures are intended to give an indication of impact and will not affect your grant in any way. Given the breadth of the investments being made as part of the Farming Innovation Programme gramme we do not expect every project to deliver against all indicators, but please try to give as accurate a reflection of activity as you can and seek clarification where you are unsure.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. If you have any questions regarding its completion, please contact your Monitoring Officer.

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