Feedback & contribute to the next Global Mobility Evidence Report

Closed 31 Mar 2023

Opened 21 Sep 2022


The global mobility evidence report is based on the key findings of collated sources of evidence on the international mobility of researchers, especially in relation to their entry to the UK.

UKRI engaged with upwards of 40 organisations across government and the R&D sector to develop this report, centralising a wide range of existing evidence on international mobility. 

This evidence report provides a shared evidence base for the sector to make informed decisions in a complex policy area. Through concisely demonstrating the impacts and trends of global mobility, it provides pointers for the continued development of the UK’s strategies to attract and collaborate with international researchers.

Why your views matter

By providing feedback on this report and contributing evidence to future reports you are helping to strengthen a shared evidence base on the international mobility of researchers, providing a consistent reference for policy development in a complex policy area.

What happens next

Future iterations of this evidence report will be developed annually, including new evidence as suggested. However UKRI cannot guarantee that all evidence suggested will be included in future iterations of the report.


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  • Third Sector
  • Government


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