Resume for Research and Innovation (R4RI) user survey

Closes 1 Jan 2029

Opened 27 May 2022


UKRI is currently piloting the Resume for Research and Innovation (a narrative CV format) across a number of funding opportunities. To improve the format and associated guidance, we are asking applicants, reviewers and panel members to fill in a short survey about their experiences.

Anonymised data will be shared with UKRI colleagues to inform changes within UKRI and with the Joint Funders Group members under a collective data sharing agreement to build the evidence base in this space.

The survey also asks questions about your characteristics and career. This is to assess the different impacts of R4RI on different groups of people. All data will only be used at an aggregate level and will not be shared with assessors or impact the outcome of your application.

The survey should take between 10 and 15 mins. You can find out more about R4RI on UKRI's website or by emailing Thank you in advance for your contributions.

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